JADEPALM redefines classic denim jackets, embellishing them with selected vintage textiles and rare hand-sewn artifacts (a result of decades of collecting). The result is a Calculated Composition of Collage, each making its own dichotomy statement by juxtaposing fine detail alongside rough edges and worn surfaces, straddling that fine line between rustic and refined.

Old-school whimsy, evident at the center back panel, is reinforced with inspired fabrics, complimented by choice accoutrements. Intentionally left tattered, it's no coincidence that seasoned textiles suggest Dickens. Add tongue-in-cheek (chic?) humor: delicate lady-gloves become epaulets .... "bling" amulets dangle strategically....sleeves made from sweaters end in knit gloves with fingertips cut out (very Madonna)....surprises appear inside see-through pockets. All the while, the integrity of the original jean jacket remains visible at collar, cuffs, front plackets and flat-felled seams.

A little bit circus, a little bit costume; a lot elegant and a lot eccentric; retro-futuristic, rococo, boudoir, witty, bohemian, whimsical, tribal, kitsch, poetic, uber-stylized......JADEPALM offers one-of-a-kind pieces that could become collector's items ~ giving new meaning to "wearable art." Contact JADEPALM for specifics regarding fit.