Colorful, themed jacket featuring asian references -- language characters, images of kimonos, red embroidered fan with tassel, sequined flowers, red / gold / black colors throughout, embroidered crane on silk background, laced-up fitting at lower back, dangling golden chains with medallions. Predictably unique (all JADEPALM designs are one of a kind), a real conversation-starter! Size Medium, or "one size fits many."
IndigoUnique jacket, defined by blue theme, features blue bird embroidery on the front yokes, antique silk hand-sewn detail, dishtowel with crocheted doll's dress, woven religious scarf with fringe, embroidered white-on-navy linen sleeves. Predictably JADEPALM collage with inter-twined images and references to nature, animals, childhood. Size small - medium. $200 shipped free within the U.S.