Collage of scavenged mid-century textiles, embroidery; velvets from personally-owned clothing from 1970s; dyed chenille bedspread sleeves with double-fringe cuff (one from the chenille bedspread, a second layer under it of red leather); hand-sewn appliques; rhinestone-encrusted vintage linens at yoke; layered with crocheted doilies; hand-dyed side panels and chenille sleeves; center back panel featuring antique hand-embroidered image of Little Bo Peep, topped with silk fringe and more embroidered section from same piece above fringe; yokes include embroidered and crocheted doilies, rhinestones embedded, satin ribbon attached by hand-sewn embroidery thread. Silver studs on collar and down front, contrasting textures, many colors....a little bit of everything! Size small. $200 shipped free within the U.S.